Vafra for Microsoft Windows[1] is a free (cloned from Crafty[2] by Robert Jurjević) Winboard[3] chess engine[4]. The engine can be used with Microsoft Windows Fritz chess interface[5] (via Wb2Uci adaptor) as an UCI[6] chess engine to assist in chess analysis. Vafra has all of its chess position evaluation and chess graph[7] search parameters exposed to the end user for tuning in 'alter.cpf' Vafra personality file (predefined Vafra personality files can be selected from Microsoft Windows Fritz chess interface, 'Change Main Engine', 'Advanced', 'Engine Parameters', interface options) for tailoring Vafra's chess play ('alter.cpf' is a copy of 'vafra.cpf' and is there for users to try their custom set of parameters, 'alter.cpf' can be modified with Notepad). Vafra can use multiple CPUs[8] (when its chess playing strength increases).[9] There is a 32-bit[10] and a 64-bit[11] version of Vafra for Microsoft Windows (the 64-bit version plays stronger).[9] classical Vafra is weaker than the world best chess engines (such as Stockfish[12], Leela[13], Komodo[14], Houdini[15], Rybka[16], Crafty[2], etc.). Since version 3.0.0 Vafra supports HalfKP 256x2-32-32-1 Stockfish[12] NNUEs[19] (which increases Vafra’s playing strength). To use Vafra for Microsoft Windows as an UCI chess engine in Microsoft Windows Fritz chess interface, download a Zip package for Microsoft Windows Fritz chess interface, extract the Zip archive (say in '\ChessBase\Engines\Vafra\' folder) and select 'Vafra.exe' file as a new UCI chess engine ('Create UCI Engine' Microsoft Windows Fritz chess interface option). If you are replacing Vafra in '\ChessBase\Engines\Vafra\' folder with a newer version (in Microsoft Windows Fritz chess interface) move the old version of Vafra chess engine to 'Inactive engines' list first ('Engine management' Microsoft Windows Fritz chess interface option). Vafra used to play on FICS[17] (as CraftyNovus) and can be offered in ChessBase Chess Engine Cloud[18]. Enjoy!

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Updated on 11th of September  2021

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