Vafra (Crafty clone) chess engine (using Wb2Uci adaptor programmed by Odd Gunnar Malin) is not working in all ChessBase programs (say it is working in Fritz 13 including v13.39, was working in most ChessBase 12 versions but is not working in v12.53, is not working in Fritz 15, etc.). The problem has been kindly acknowledged by ChessBase and will be fixed in the next releases of ChessBase software (a workaround this problem could be to say use Fritz 13 to privately expose Vafra in the ChesBase's chess engine cloud and then use it say in ChessBase 12 v12.53, Fritz 15, etc. from the chess engine cloud). ChessBase kindly fixed the problem (Vafra chess engine is working again in ChessBase 12 v12.54 released on 5th of December 2016, etc.).

Vafra needs read, write and modify permissions set on '\Vafra\log\' folder assigned to the Windows user running Vafra Windows executable say 'Vafra.w64.2.10.0.exe'[1] (if you start say 'Vafra.w64.2.10.0.exe' in 'Command Prompt' and get 'ERROR, unable to open game history file, exiting', the required permissions may have not been set, if you get 'White(1):', the required permissions have been set, enter 'end' to exit the program).

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Updated on 17th of April 2019

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