Download link (download Vafra 2.15.0 (Vafra 2.16.0 to be released next)).

(Vafra personality files: hyatt.cpf—Prof Robert's Hyatt
[1] settings; vafra.cpf—default settings; brute.cpf—pure brute-force search[2]; alter.cpf—to be customized by the user; .cpf files and .rc file can be found in Fritz Zip archives)

Download link (download standard Nalimov endgame tablebases[3])[4].

Download link (download Microsoft Windows[5] Fritz chess interface).[6]

dedicated to Robert’s Jurjević (18th of February 1962 - ) late father Stjepan Jurjević (18th of February 1934 - 24th of February 2013)

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Updated on 17th of April 2019

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